About Us

cirrusRemember hearing in a certain movie a few years ago something along the lines of, ‘This is the man behind the man’? Or something along those lines. Well that is kind of how DAW Apparel got their start. Except it’s not a man behind a man, or a women either for matter. Its a German Shepard. A smart one. A loyal one. A kind one. And a professional one. Some would say that he is a bit pretentious. Others would say that he is a perfectionist, while even others would say he is very demanding. Who knows…maybe, they go together and all are correct in their thoughts. Well, this particular dog was born in a litter in the state of Florida. Its kind of a long story on how he came to live in Michigan with his new dad. But he loves his dad. He also loves sandwiches, cheese, and steak. Its a toss up what he loves the most, but hey, it could be his dad. This dogs name is Cirrus. And he had a dream. A dream he passed along to his new found family. A close knit family of honest, hard working dependable humans. But enough about them, they just do the work for DAW Apparel. They are not the boss. They do not make any decisions and most importantly, they are not in charge of quality control or customer service. Cirrus is in charge of that. And believe me, when a mistake is made and missed by his ‘workers’, they are at risk of losing a hand. So lets just say, that quality control is excellent. Regarding customer service. This is also excellent. You see. When an email comes through and one of the workers phones buzzes, Cirrus knows what it is. Its an email. And it’s an email that will go answered immediately in most cases. Cirrus wont have any lolly gagging. He very subtly encourages his workers to work around the clock, if need be. He likes his steak. He knows that bad customer service or bad workmanship on products will be very detrimental to his health. One other thing I should mention. Cirrus is very quick. So quick that he also expects his workers to be quick. You see…when Cirrus orders something from the internet, he wants it now. And while he realizes that that is just not possible, he expects to receive it relatively quick. This transfers over to DAW Apparel. Naturally, he is very particular in the handling time of orders that others place with DAW Apparel. He strives to have a ‘one business day’ handling time on most items. He has set a target that 95% of all purchases must be shipped within 24 hours. Weekends and holidays excluded of course, because even Cirrus realizes that mail doesn’t run on Sundays or Holidays. Cirrus likes his steak. And he likes sporting events. To keep up his lavish lifestyle he pledges to offer the best customer service.